a little bit about me
Hi. My name is Ashley Dugan. I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my Husband and our two daughters. Our oldest is 9 years old and is full of sweetness and curiosity. Our youngest is 2 and she is already mischievous and into everything. Plus - great news! We're expecting our 3rd child December 2019! 
My husband works for a local Record Label and Distribution company in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards. He also is a founding member of Hear Fort Worth, a local organization that works alongside the Conventions and Visitors Bureau to help educate and promote local music. They were key factors in helping Fort Worth be named the First Music Friendly City in the State of Texas. 
Alongside my husband, we've created a music and entertainment brand called Shake Music Tv. You can find out more about it here: http://www.shakemusictv.com
I've been a graphic designer and illustrator since I graduated college in 2007. Wow - that's over 10 years! It hardly seems that long. I've had an interesting career so far and have had the ability to work for some really great brands and companies, all the while creating a portfolio that is full of variety. 
For the past 5 years I've been doing illustration and product design for a leading craft and scrapbook company. It's been such a blast and I love seeing the products I create sitting on the shelves of stores. 
When I'm not working for the crafting company I also have my own online store at Creative Market. It's been a great way to express myself and style while making passive income. You can check it out here: https://creativemarket.com/LilSisStudio
I'm always up for freelance opportunities or commissions – please feel free to reach out to me via my contact page. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little. 

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